Favs: March 2017

Sorry for being MIA lately.  Dealing with personal issues, but I will make an effort to continue to write, as I am very grateful that you continue to read.

I LOVE the colour grey!  So you could imagine when the grey lipstick started to trend I was really excited.  But just as quickly, the crushing realization that I am getting too old (or rather surrounded by too much conservatism) to pull off quirky makeup gave me second thoughts about wearing any.  I did try mixing grey and nude lipsticks to get a toned down look, but got frustrated with the results of combining different formulas.

What I wanted was a pink/nude lipstick with a grey-beige base.  This would give me a hint of grey, which I could always intensify with a grey lip liner if I wanted a bolder look.  My other criteria was that the lip stick would not break the bank, just in case it didn’t end up looking as stellar as I hoped.

NYX to the rescue!  I stumbled across NYX’s “Summer Love” (LSS617).  It is a nude with less orange tones, which end up looking slightly grey on (on me at least…).  I love the colour and the effect.  It is also really creamy, so it is not uncomfortable to wear.  However, the creaminess also means that it wears off way too quickly!  Another cons is that it has a strong floral scent, which is off putting.  But is has still been my goto colour this month.

Have you tried it?  Or do you have a suggestion for a similar colour that is longer wearing?  Please tell me below.  I have seen an Instagram of MAC’s Myth, which looked similar.  Has anyone tried it before?