Beauty Busting for the Win: batiste Dry Shampoo (for deep brown hair)


Gives you the benefits of their dry shampoo without changing the colour of your hair.

Price: $9.99


I did a side-by-side comparison. I parted my hair down the centre and sprayed one side with the original formula and the other with the new deep brown formula. To emphasize the difference, I did not brush my hair after. I did not want to knock off any product. I used enough product to freshen my hair. I sprayed the product from about 15 cm away. Although the product recommends 30 cm, in the past I have found that that was too far to target specific sections of hair.


Me. I have naturally dark brown hair, but I do die my hair brown. I dye my hair to cover grey hair and to deepen the colour. My hair was recently dyed, about 4 days before this experiment. My hair wasn’t too greasy, but did need freshening. The day before I had washed my hair, but later worked out and only rinsed out the sweat.


dry shampoo

The picture shows the results. The right side of the photo has the original formula, and the left side of the photo the new formula. You can see that there is a streak of hair on the right side that is white and powdery. I tried to re-create something similar on the left side, but was unable to. The hair on the left does not look as powdery as the other side. This supports the claim on the bottle. If you have darker hair, the dry shampoo will be less visible.

Qualitative Data:

I have been using this product in place of the original formula this month and have been happy with the results. One concern that I had was that the new formula would be messy and make a mess as you spray it, or make my clothes look dirty. I have found that as long as the product is being used by at least a 15 cm distance, and excessive product is not used, there is no noticeable colour transfer. Another concern that I had before I tried the product was the scent. In a previous post where I made DIY dry shampoo for brown hair, cocoa powder was used for the colour. I do not like chocolate much and the smell of the cocoa made me nauseous when I used the DIY dry shampoo. I was pleased that the batiste Dry Shampoo smells like the original formula.

The Verdict:

I recommend this product for people with brown hair that find that the original batiste formula works well, but leaves their hair looking powdery.

Have you tried this product? Let me know in the comments below. The more information we gather about a product, the more informed people will be when they decide whether to purchase the product.