Beauty Busting: Life Brand Black Currant & Soybean Mask

Reviewing masks can be difficult because most have claims that are hard to test. The benefits are generally things like “brightening”, or “revitalizing”. How do I objectively measure if my skin is brighter or revitalized? But masks that claim to minimize pores, can be tested. Ideally, my pores should be smaller when comparing a before and after picture.

I have tried this brand of mask before. I found that one of their pore minimizing masks was amazing. It shrunk my pores and the effects lasted about three days. However, I have not been able to find that mask again, and I am not exactly sure which one it was. The Black Current Soybean mask was the only pore minimizing one I could find at my Shoppers Drug Mart, so I thought I would test this one to see if it is just as amazing.


Mask will minimise your pores.


3 for $5, each of which has enough product for one use. I imagine it has a higher individual price, but why not get three?


I followed the instructions. I washed my face (with the Ole Henriksen face soap i raved about in a previous blog), dried my face, and then applied the mask. I left the mask on until it dried and then washed it off with warm, not hot, water.


Myself.  A 33 year old female on a limited budget. I have normal skin (not oily, dry, or combination). My pores are large and I have fine lines, which is common for “older” skin. My pores on the apples of my cheeks trouble me the most.


Sadly my pores were not reduced. But interestingly, I found that it firmed my skin, which was not an advertised benefit.

before.png    after The first photo is the before picture, and the second the after picture. The are taken of the apple of my right cheek and show the same patch of skin. Pores are visible in both photos, and there does not appear to be a decrease in size. However, in the after photo, the skin looks plumper. The skin in the before photo is more textured and almost looks like there are fine lines around were the cheek curves around the nose. But, that is not seen in the after photo. The skin is smooth and almost looks pulled taut.

The Verdict:

I don’t think this mask is very effective at minimizing pores, but it was effective at firming my skin.  Overall, I liked the effect of the mask and I would buy it again for its firming properties. I guess my search for the pore minimizing mask from that brand that I fell in love with will continue.

As much as I tried to objectively test this product, product results will vary from person to person.  If you have tried this product, please comment below and tell me how it worked for you.  Please include information about your skin type and how old you are, as skin changes as we age.  The more data that we can collect, the more informed other readers will be when deciding whether to purchase this product.

Also let me know if you have you tried other Life Brand masks and which ones you recommend. Or if you have found a good pore minimizing mask, please share below.