Review: Joe Fresh Make Up

I have been really curious about the Joe Fresh make up items, but have not been able to find many reviews of them.  So I decided to bite the bullet and buy and try some of the products. The whole line is priced around $6 to $18, so it is not a splurge to give the products a try.

Illuminating Primer (Champagne) $14.99 on sale:

I love this stuff! I was scared at first. When you put it on it is really shiny and golden. There primerare some primers that you can through on, blur imperfections, and go. This is not like that, you need to put on a foundation on top. I paired it with the foundation reviewed below. The primer shinned through and beautifully illuminated my skin. I didn’t even feel like I HAD to add a highlight or the Hourglasses Ambient light that I love so much. In fact, the first day I didn’t add any extra illuminizers and even my partner, who doesn’t tend to notice my make up, commented on how good he thought I looked. Once it dries, it feels slightly tacky, so the foundation sticks really well to the primer. I have applied it with my fingers and a beauty blender dupe, and I don’t notice a big difference between the applications. I really want to get the other colour now too.

Daily Boost Fluid Foundation (Porcelain) $ 13.49 on sale:

They have several different Foundations. I chose this one because it says that it gives a tattoo.pngdewy finish, so I was hoping it would be close to the L’Oreal Lumi that I have been liking lately. The Joe Fresh brand also boasts that the foundation is hydrating and contains anti-oxidants, so how could I go wrong? This foundation is not like the L’Oreal Lumi, but I think it is better. As you can tell from my tattoo swatch test, the foundation is pretty full coverage with just one coat. Yet, I did find that the illuminating primer still shone through. The two pair well together. I applied this product with my fingers and a beauty blender dupe and found that you do need to apply it with a dampened sponge. Because the Foundation is so thick, when I applied it with my fingers, I could see my finger strokes, if that makes sense. The only over thing that I do not like about this foundation is that it doesn’t dry down nicely. I found that you have to add a powder, otherwise the foundation stays moist and can move around.

Translucent Loose Powder $8.49 on sale:

I don’t know if there is too much to say about this product.  It does its job, it sets the foundation and gives the make up staying power. It is finely milled and I didn’t feel cakey as long as I used the product in moderation and buffed it in well. I used the Makeup Geek buffing brush with good results.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been using all of the above three products together on a regular basis and I am really happy with the combination. Once it is summer, I think that I will want a lighter foundation, but for now I am happy. I particularly like that I find that the make up looks very natural. I get a lot of coverage and glow, but I don’t think it looks like I am wearing much make up.

The next two products I was a little less happy with.

Eye Shadow (Sugar) $6:

I found that the eye shadow was very stiff. If I used a brush, I couldn’t get any product onto my eye. If I used my fingers, I had better results. The shadow was transferred better and wore a long time. But for $6 I would rather just buy a Makeup Geek Shadow, which is far better.

8hr Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner (plum) $8:

The eyeliner is long wearing and water proof. The first time I tried it, I had to commute to work in the rain and it didn’t let me down. The problem I had with it was the pigmentation. I wanted it to be a richer purple and more pigmented. It added a subtle smokey look, but I wanted a more drama. I was looking for something like stila’s smudge stick waterproof eye liner and this just didn’t deliver.

I hope this review helped. If you have tried their products share your review below.