Beauty Busting: Are “Quick ‘n’ Easy” Tutorials really Quick & Easy?

I follow a lot of beauty vloggers on YouTube.  For the most part, they are all make-up artists, so I know that the information will be good, but I find their skill set intimidating. Therefore, I have found that their videos help me find interesting products, but I don’t learn too much from the tutorials because I am too intimidated to try them.  I imagine that i am not the only one out their intimidated, so i have decided to challenge myself.  I wanted to try this “quick make-up” tutorials from Lisa Eldridge. She is obviously skilled and talented, but can a noob like me really achieve good results?  I specifically choose an easy tutorial because after dabbling with smoky eye tutorials and the like, i have ended up looking beaten and feeling beaten.  Success breeds success, so theoretically if i can conquer an easy tutorial, maybe i can eventually more on the the hard stuff. If nothing else, maybe I might learn a couple of neat tricks that I can incorporate into my current time crunched make-up routine.



Me Before                                                                           Me After

before                   after

Time: 6:37

Truth be told, I hate taking my photo.  I tense up all weird and pull a weird face.  So i do think the results are more impressive in person.  I did have to do this tutorial twice.  The first time i took over 8 minutes because i keep trying to remember what to do next.  This time went much smoother and faster.  So i think it is reasonable to expect that i can complete this tutorial in under five minutes with a tad bit of practice.

Products used:

  • Tools:
    • Ecotools blush brush
    • Quo Liner
    • Quo beauty blender dupe
    • London Eyelash curler (don’t recommend)
  • Makeup:
    • True Match L’Oreal Lumi (Porcelain)
    • Revlon Colorstay Concealer (Fair)
    • The Body Shop Concealer Pencil (01)
    • Essence lipliner (11 in the nude)
    • Urban Decay Lipgloss (SESSO)
    • Almay Intense i-color volumizing mascara (plum) – I love plum mascara!
    • Hourglass Ambient Light (Radiant Light) – used as blush
    • The Balm Balm Voyage Pallet (D3) – eyeshadow on lids.  My eyes are so deep-set that a crease colour like in the tutorial looked bad.
    • stila In the know pallet (Earth) – Eyebrow and under the eye


The first time i tried the tutorial i was not too pleased with the results.  My under eyes circles were still clearly visible.  Also, adding the darker colour to the crease and no colour to the lids made my eyes too dark.  The second try (which I posted the picture of) i am much happier with.  I think that one of the reasons that i find makeup tutorials challenging is because you need to know when not to follow them to accommodate your features.  I have difficulty knowing how to do that.  I also do not have a variety of cosmetics and tools to choose from, so i have to make due with what i have.  I am not terrible happy with the Revlon concealer and this look really depends on having a good concealer.  So i think to some degree, the quality of the products you have will effect the results that you obtain. In the end, i think that this tutorial was easy and i had moderate results. I do think that makeup artists on youtube do take their level of skill and knowledge of products for granted, though, so i can be a little hard to translate a tutorial to your unique features.

Let me know if you tried this tutorial and what your results were.  Or if you enjoyed this noob does tutorial, let me know down in the comments.  What me to really show off my lack of skill and try a harder tutorial? Suggest one below.