Impact Factor: au naturel

Recently there was a news story on CBC about wearing makeup versus not wearing makeup.  It was an interesting story and you can catch the podcast here (I couldn’t get through the accompanying TED Talk, which was very biased and unresearched).  I found the CBC story to be fairly balanced and presented reasons to and not wear makeup and discussed a bit of the history of makeup.

It made me reflect on my use of makeup and my goals for this blog.  First I must say that I am fairly existential when it comes to debate on various trends.  The pendulum will always swing between the use of lots of makeup and little makeup for both men and women.  I don’t think it is much to get excited about.  Today, we are in a time that appreciates a lot of makeup.

However, I do personally prefer more subtle use of makeup.  Therefore, I have found it interesting that the current female makeup trends are currently from drag culture.  The heavily drawn on eyebrows, defined contouring, baking, etc.  They are designed to be very dramatic, use a lot of makeup and are hyper feminine.  This really makes me question why this trend is so big right now.  Is it because our culture is more accepting of and fascinated with transgender people and thus are more willing to explore those makeup techniques?  Are females trying to reclaim their notion of a strong female and thus interested in hyper feminine styles? The point is that i do not think that the answer will be that we are being tricked into buying makeup products.  The way that we use makeup and fashion as a culture is an expression of how we understand ourselves in society.  And I resent radicals that imply that females are stupid and will buy anything they are told.

I guess my hope for this blog and this post is to get people thinking and talking about beauty more analytically and less sensationally.  The fun and interesting conversations about makeup are about what it tells us about how we understand ourselves.  Both as individuals and as a community.  Wear a ton of makeup, or none at all, but have fun exploring what that teaches you about yourself.