Beauty Busting for the Win: Peter Thomas Roth Instant Firmx Eye



This product claims to instantly reduce under eye puffiness, crow’s feet, fine lines around the eyes, and even deep wrinkles around the eye.


On sephora the product is listed at $48 for 1 oz.  I purchased this product as part of the Peter Roth 21st Birthday bundle, but i do not think that value set still is available.


Given that the claims promised instant results, I took a before and after photo to document the effects of the product.  For photography purposes, before i tried the product, I put a shimmery eye shadow under my eyes.  The reflection from eyeshadow was needed to enhance the contrast of any shadows from wrinkles or under eye bags.  I also continued to use the product over a month to develop an overall opinion of the product.


Myself.  A 32 year old female on a limited budget.  I tested the product while finishing writing my thesis.  I was under a lot of stress and lack of sleep, which exasperated my under eye bags and fine lines under my eyes.  I have “older” skin, but do not have crow’s feet yet.  The primary “trouble” areas are underneath my eyes and frown lines.


I took a picture of my eyes before i used the product, then applied a thin layer of the product on the fine lines under my eye and over my undereye bags.  I waited 5 minutes and then took a second photography of the results.  I did my best to use the same angle and lighting for both shots, but did not have a tripod to control these variables.

Under eye bags before and after:

before1  after1

Fine lines before and after:

before2  after2


It was difficult to take a picture of fine lines, but i was really impressed with the results. That fine line under my eye is really stubborn and this cream made it vanish.  To really test the product, I later used it on the deeper frown wrinkles (although i am not sure if the product was designed for that area) and it was able to smooth out those deep wrinkles too.  I was less impressed with the results of the under eye bags.  Although the shadow became less intense, the bag did not go away.

Qualitative Data:

Because i was so impressed with how well it eliminated wrinkles, i continued to use the product over the month for that purpose.  During this time, I found that it was very difficult to apply.  If you used too much product it would be visible and look like dried glue on your skin.  If you used too little, you would not see the same results.  The directions recommended that you apply the gel and use a sponge to remove the excess.  This did help, but it was still a delicate balance between using too much or too little.  Further, there was an art to applying the product.  Essentially, the product is a little like dried glue.  As it dried, it contracts and pulls the skin tight.  The problem with this is, if you apply the product wrong it could make wrinkles worse.  You have to make sure the the product is primarily perpendicular to the wrinkle, so when it contracts, it pulls that wrinkle taut.  The last issue was that the product makes the skin a little gritty so that makeup would adhere to the product differently than the surrounding skin.  Depending on the makeup and your primer, you can work around this issue, but it will require some playing around.

The Verdict:

I was really impressed with this product.  However, because i do not have too many wrinkles yet, it is hard for me to justify investing in this product.  If I had crow’s feet or i was more self-conscious of my frown lines, I would probably continue to buy this product. It does require some practice learning how to best to apply it to reduce wrinkles, but i thought it was well worth the effort.  The one caveat would be that if you wear a lot of makeup on a regular basis, i would probably skip this product because it doesn’t sit well under makeup.

As much as I tried to objectively test this product, make-up results will vary from person to person.  If you have tried this product, please comment below and tell me how it worked for you.  Please include information about your skin type, how old you are, and what wrinkles you were testing the product on.  The more data that we can collect, the more informed other readers will be when deciding whether to purchase this product.