Beauty Busting: Red lipstick Concealer

Red lipstick under the eyes?!!  If you are following makeup blogs/vlogs at all, you have probably come across a title suggesting you ditch your concealer for red lipstick.  Yes, i know this sounds crazy, but the the theory actually has some merit.


This DIY beauty hack is based on colour theory.  If you look at the colour wheel, colours across from each other are complementary.  This means that if you mix the two colours, they will neutralize each other and the resulting colour will be brown.  Try it.  Mix red and green and purple and yellow.  Both times you will get brown.

Therefore, the idea behind this hack is that the red/orange tones of red lipstick (orange when mixed with your concealer) will cancel the blue tones of your under eye bags.  There are vlogs that will demonstrate this and show you how to make the correcting concealer.

However, I will caution you against this hack.  Concealers that have a strong salmon colour designed to cancel under eye bags are already on the market.  Makeup Artists like Wayne Goss recommend that you instead invest in current concealers.  The problem is not that it doesn’t work (as long as your take the time to mix the lipstick with concealers to make a suitable colour for your skin type), but that lipstick is simply not designed to go under your eye.  Lipstick can be drying, which can be too harsh for delicate under eye skin.

The final verdict on this hack is that it will work in a pinch, but you are better off investing in a proper under eye concealer.